Blink Mink

Blink Mink is originated in Queens, N.Y.. Created by a regular girl working a 9-5 job striving for success. Growing up , makeup wasn't her thing but her eyes and lashes were her main concern when getting dressed up and going out. She had a want for making her eyes to "pop", which became the inspiration behind the birth of Blink Mink. There are a lot of wonderful brands that have already established their place in this market but understand why WE, Blink Mink, is unique. We represent elevation and confidence. Blink Mink Lashes are not only a feature to enhance, but to strengthen your confidence and help you feel comfortable being you. Our Mink lashes are hand made and can be worn up to 25 times with proper care. Each style we offer are all exclusive and exquisite in its own way. Blink Mink..........the perfect mink to blink !